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Take your naval warfare to the next level with Naval Thunder: The Atlantic Campaign!

Finally!  A way to enjoy a naval campaign game without boring administration or complex record keeping!

This book provides a complete set of rules for running a campaign game covering the critical early phases of the naval war in the Atlantic during World War II.

The rules introduce a revolutionary chained event system where the choices and outcomes of earlier events and battles influence the events that may occur, and the options you have later.  No two campaigns play out the same way, providing infinite replayability.

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Here's a Youtube video where TheTabletopGamer reviews Naval Thunder.  It's pretty well done and informative.  Plus my wife loves the guy's British accent.  Check it out!



 Now Available!!  

You asked for it.  You begged us for it.  We brought it to you.

Naval Thunder: Dreadnought Battlefleets is now available!  Featuring over 160 new ship classes from seven nations, Dreadnought Battlefleets allows you to expand your World War I naval combat to a global scale!

Find out why Naval Thunder is the top selling big-gun naval wargame with this new release that expands the fleets available during the golden age of the battleship.  Get your copy today!

You can buy it here for only $12.95

Naval Thunder: Dreadnought Battlefleets is the latest expansion for Naval Thunder.  A copy of Naval Thunder: Clash of Dreadnoughts is required to play.


To celebrate Columbus Day, Steel Dreadnought Games is now offering Naval Thunder bundles!

Naval Thunder has always been one of the most affordable systems around, but now it's normally fantastic deal just got even better.  Two new Naval Thunder bundles are available through

Naval Thunder: World War II Bundle  $29.95

Includes both Naval Thunder: Battleship Row, and Naval Thunder: Bitter Rivals.  Complete rules and fleet list for the U.S., Japanese, British, German, U.K., Italian, and French fleets.  In addition to dozens of modular "chrome" rules that let you tweak the system to be exactly what you want, the books include 15 carefully researched, historically accurate scenarios covering the Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean theaters.  Finally, both books come with an MS Excel drive data card-printing tool that allows you to print off whole fleets in seconds.

Naval Thunder: Pre-Dreadnoughts Bundle  $34.95

Includes Naval Thunder: Clash of Dreadnoughts, Naval Thunder: Rise of the Battleship, and Naval Thunder: Rise of the Battleship II.  So not only do you get everything you need to fight out the battles of the First World War between the U.K. and Germany, but you also get a complete pre-dreadnought game system with fleets for Japan, Russia, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary.  Again data card printing tools are included.  Find out why Naval Thunder now completely dominates the world of pre-dreadnought wargaming.

If you've been curious about Naval Thunder, but have held off on trying it out for yourself - now is the time to buy to take advantage of these great deals.  

Here is where you get them


Take your pre-dreadnought wargaming to the next level with Naval Thunder: Rise of the Battleship II.  Ever since the original Rise of the Battleship expansion was released, our fans have been clamoring for more pre-dreadnought action.

Rise of the Battleship II includes the data card for six additional navies from the pre-dreadnought era representing over 100 classes of ship!  Also included are special rules to tailor the Naval Thunder core system even more closely to the pre-dreadnought era.

Head over to Wargamevault and pick it up today for only $12.95!


The guys over at Litko - maker of gaming tokens of all types - have created some new tokens for use with Naval Thunder.

New tokens for

Bridge Hit
Engine Damage
Broken Rudder
Evasive Maneuvers 

. . .  are now available in Jim's lab.  They also have had splash markers, fires, and listing tokens available for some time in their Naval Game Tokens section.  Check out the new ones here:



The widely read and respected wargaming news site View from the Turret has selected Naval Thunder as its Top Pick for WW2 naval miniatures wargaming.  Check out the entire list here:

Rise of the Battleship II is on the way, so pre-dreadnought fans stay tuned for more news!


Naval Thunder has reached an unprecedented level of success on thanks to our loyal fans.  Both the World War 2 core rules - Naval Thunder: Battlership Row, and the World War 1 core rules - Naval Thunder: Clash of Dreadnoughts, have reached ELECTRUM best seller status on wargamevault. 

This is the highest sales category reached by any of the more than 2,600 titles caried by wargamevault, and only a total of 5 products, including the two Naval Thunder titles have achieved that distinction.  So we want to say a big thank you to our customers for making Naval Thunder such a runaway success.  More titles are on the way soon!


Got a lot of requests for true forums for Naval Thunder and our other games.  So we've listened and set some up.  Register today!

Naval Thunder has its own board of course.  Its a little slow right now since we just started. . . but go ahead and register and check back often!

Got anything you've been wondering about the game?  Just sign in and ask!


Now that Colonial Battlefleet is out the door, we're coming back to a product a lot of you have been waiting patiently for.

When we released Rise of the Battleship as a pre-dread expansion for Clash of Dreadnoughts, we were blown away by how it flew off the virtual shelves!  Since that time we've had a lot of requests for more pre-dreadnought goodness, so we're happy to say it's now on the way.

Rise of the Battleship II will feature data cards for several new fleets (stay tuned to see which ones) so you can expand your pre-dread naval combat beyond the Russo-Japanese War.

What it will not feature, unfortunately, is special rules for the navies it contains.  The reason for this is because all our navy special rules are based on combat experience.  Unfortunately, there's virtually none to go on for this period outside the RJW.  So if anybody has suggestions for special rules for various fleets, let us know!

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